Basic Manufacturing Process - Syllabus

Unit I: 
Engineering Materials: -
Materials and civilization, materials and Engineering, classification of engineering materials. Industrial applications of common engineering materials and their socio economic impact.
Metals And Alloys: Properties And Applications: -
Mechanical Properties Of Materials: Strength, elasticity, stiffness, malleability, ductility, brittleness, toughness and hardness, resilience hardness, machine ability, formability, weldability. Elementary ideas of fracture, fatigue and creep.
Steel And Cast Iron: Carbon steels its classification based on % carbon as low, mild, medium and high carbon steel, their properties and applications. Wrought iron, cast iron, alloy steels: stainless steel, tool steel. 
Heat Treatment Process: Introduction to Heat-treatment of carbon steels: annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering and case hardening.
Alloy Of Non-Ferrous metals: Common uses of various non-ferrous metals (Copper, Zink, Tin, Magnesium, Lead, Aluminium etc.) and alloys and its composition such as Cu-alloys: Brass, Bronze, Al-alloys.

Unit II: 
Basic Metal forming and casting Process: -
Forming Processes: Basic metal forming operations and uses of such as: Forging, rolling, Wire and Tube drawing/making and Extrusion, and thier uses. Press - work: die and punch assembly, cutting and forming, its applications. Hot working versus cold-working.
Casting: Pattern, material types and allowances, Type and composition of  molding sands and their desirable properties, mould making with the use of a core, gating system. Casting defects and remedies. Coupola furnace, Die casting and its uses.

Unit III: 
Machining & Welding Operation and their applications: -
Machining: Basic principles of Lathe-machine and operations performed on it. Basic description of machines and operations of Shaper-planer, Drilling, Milling and Grinding.
Welding: Importance and basic concepts of welding, classification of welding processes, gas welding, types of flames and their application, Electric-Arc welding, Resistance welding, soldering and Brazing and its uses.

Unit IV:  
Misc. Topics: -
Quality: Introduction, basic concept about quality of product.
Manufacturing Establishment: Plants location. Plant layout-its types. Types of production. Production versus productivity.
Non-metallic materials: Common types and uses of wood, cement-concrete, ceramics, rubber, plastics and composite-materials.
Misc. Processes: Powder-metallurgy process & its applications, plastic products manufacturing, Galvanizing and Electroplating.