About Us

Winsome publication is a leading firm in the era of education. We are providing a foundation to our new coming generation with the help of our Technical and Non Technical books. We have more than 100 titles in Technical field such as in Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Information Technology for B.Tech. and other books for MCA. At Graduation level we have more than 25 titles in the field of physics, chemistry, maths, botany, zoology, computer, defense, geography etc. for Allahabad University and UP State University.  We are continuously publishing other new books in many fields. We have near about 50 consulting writers who are providing their best effort for maintaining best quality of our books. 

                                                                                                 Er. Deepak Singh Kostha
                                                                                                    Ruchi Singh Kostha
                                                                                                     Managing Directors