Solution Of Kanpur University / B.Sc. Ist Year / Botany II Paper

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Q.1. Differentiate between curstose and foliose lichen.                                                   (2015)
Ans. Go through Q.18 page no. 18.

Q.2. Why in Chara known as stonewort?                                                                    (2015) 
Ans. Go through Q.17. page no. 51.

Q.3. Draw a well labelled diagram of nannandrous oedogonium filament.                        (2015)
Ans. Go through Q.14 page no. 45.

Q.4. What is the difference between Aplanospore and synzoospore?                            (2015) 
Ans. Go through Q.33 page no. 81.

Q.5. Write a short note on Phytoplakton.                                                                  (2015)
Ans. Go through Q.31 page no. 81.

Q.6. Describe the Gemma cup of Marchantia.                                                          (2015)
Ans. Go through Q.7. page no. 122.

Q.7. Describe the life-cycle of Sargassum. Explain the alternation of generation in it.    (2015)
Ans. Go through Q.27. page no. 70.

Q.8. What are Lichens? Explain the biotic relationship between the components of Lichen Thallus.                                                                                                                           (2015) 
Ans. Go through Q.17. page no. 17.

Q.9. Describe the different types of reproduction in Bryophytes studied by you.          (2015)
Ans. Go through Q.3. page no. 90.

Q.10. Draw a labelled diagram of life cycle of Riccia. Describe its salient features.    (2015)
Ans. Go through Q.4. page no. 120, 121 and Q.9. 132.

Q.11. What do you understand by Alternation of Generation? Explain it in the life of cycle of Anthocerous.                                                                                                  (2015)
Ans. Go through Q.18. page no. 113.

Q.12. Why are Bryophytes known as the amphibious group of plant Kingdom?          (2015)
Ans. Go through Q.8. page no. 93.

Q.13. Describe the reproduction in Volvox.                                                           (2015)
Ans. Go through Q.8. page no. 32.

Q.14. Draw neat and well labelled diagram of the L.S. sex organ of Chara.                (2015)
Ans. Go through Q.24. sol. of (2014).

Q.15. Draw neat and well labelled diagram of the T.S. Thallus of Riccia.                  (2015)
Ans. Go through Q.1. page no. 115.