PC Unit 3.10

Q.48. As a Director of a Technical Institution, write a Demi-Official letter (D.O.) to the C.E.O. of a Corporate Company to furnish details regarding the current profile of the required man—power in his organization. Invent necessary details.                     (2011 - 12)
Ans.                    Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited 

Date: August 25, 2012
To: C.E.O
      Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited
From: Director
          United College Allahabad
Subject: Furnish details of the required man-power
I am desire to say that our college has very intelligent students who are eligible for your firm as an employee. So please give details regarding the current profile of the required man-power in your organization.

                                                                   Your Sincerely
                                                                    United College Allahabad
Q.49. Write a claim letter to the supplier of computer systems based at Delhi to compensate for the loss to 10 computer systems in the transit. Invent details.           (2011 - 12)
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Q. Make a claim for the damage of five numbers of computer systems to the sales manager of HCL Technologies at Delhi along with your request to replace the damaged systems at the earlint. Invest details.                                                                                (2012 - 13)
Ans. A Claim Letter
Prakash Computers
Barrister Street
Lucknow - 220112
March 20, 2008

Mr. Arvind Singh
The Sales Manager
CM Computers Private Ltd.
New Delhi - 110001
Dear Mr. Singh
I would like to draw your attention to the delivery of 50 computer systems, sent by you as per out order no. 4138. The computer systems, sent by you, have been damaged either due to loose packaging or careless handling.
Please find these damaged computer system along with this letter and take necessary action to replaced all the damaged computer systems at the earliest.
We would appreciate an early reply.

                                                                                                           Your sincerely
                                                                                                                 Amit Das 
                                                                                                      The Purchase Officer