Basic Manufacturing Process - Ch 1

Q.1.    Discuss the use of material in civilization.
Ans.    Now a days, we use many types of materials, fashioned in many different ways, to satisfy our requirements for housing, heating, furniture, clothes, transportation, entertainment, medical care, defense and all the other trapping of modern, civilized society.
    The standard of living of any civilized nation depends  upon the extent to which the people use goods and services availbale for thier use. The conversion of materials into useful forms and the utilization of various manufacturing process to change them into goods are of tremendous importance in modern civilization.

Q.2.    Give the classification of engineering materials.
Ans.    Classification Of Engineering Materials: -
        The factors which form the basis of various system of classifications of materials in material science and engineering are:
¨     The chemical composition of the material,
¨     The mode of the occurance of the material in the nature,
¨     The refining and the manufacturing process to which the material is subjected prior it acquires the required properties,
¨    The atomic and crystalline structure of material and
¨    The industrial and technical use of material.
Common engineering materials that fall within the scope of material science and engineering may be classified into one of the following six groups:
¨    Metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) and alloys
¨    Organic Materials
¨    Inorganic Materials
¨    Semi-conductors
¨    Biomaterials
¨    Biological Materials
Q.3.    Discuss the role and importance of material for the growth of any nation.
Ans.    Role And Importance Of Material For The Growth Of Any Nation: -
        Materials play an important role for the growth of any nation. Materials are important to improve economic performance and the quality of life. A vast range of materials are available today for manufacturing. Materials are helping to discover new energy generation technology, less toxic and easily recyclable materials for helping environment of any nation by providing safe medicine, organ plants, artificial bone etc. material can provide better solution for health of people of any nation. Materials can provide better consumer product at low cost with greater quality. Materials are now easily fabricated, machined, and casted due to advance in technology. Electronic / Magnetic / Optical Materials are used to give the faster communication in the present time. Many materials solve the economic requirement of industries.

Q.4.    Discuss the role and importance of manufacturing for the growth of any nation.
Ans.     Role And Importance Of Manufacturing For The Growth Of Any Nation: -
        Manufacturing is an industrial activity that changes the form of raw material into finished products. For the product to be least cost and better quality in market, it should be done at exact dimension with less scarp, rate of production high and less in process inventory. Manufacturing is an indicator of growth of a nation. The rate of manufacturing is correlated to the economy of any nation. Rate of employment increase as manufacturing increase. Generally, the higher the level of manufacturing in a country, the higher the standard of living of its people.